Drew Toonz
is an animator and cartoonist who resides in Hollywood, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Hawai’i, San Diego, and dive bars and libraries around the world. He is the creator of Emo Cat and Surf Skool films featuring Johnny Stone.

Toonz has collaborated on many projects including painting murals for the Triple Crown of Surfing, commercials for Volcom Pipe Pro, apparel for Volcom, Stance, and Third Stone Surfboards, and designs and animation for North Shore Lifeguard Association, Maui Time Weekly, Atlantic City Weekly, Blue Planet Foundation, Global Mana Foundation, and musical artists including Pepper, Trouble Andrew, Santigold, and Lil Wayne. These are just a few mentioned, but not limited to his prolific catalogue of work.

The mission of DREWTOONZ.TV online store is to build an animation studio in Hollywood that is fully equipped with the latest equipment to work on pilot animation programs, cartoons, and more artwork. For commissions, questions, or just to say hi, please email <drewtoonztv@gmail.com>.